Nail Art/Tutorials

Nail Art:

abstract flowers painted with a brush

abstract patterns painted with a brush

African nails with BP-L010 stamping plate

ancient Roman nails with BP-L014 stamping plateancient geometric pattern with L-026 stamping plate

Aztec nails

BC-08 elegant stamping

B. Loves Plates, Classy&Chic stamping
B. Loves Plates stamping plate, Geometry Is PerfectB. Loves Plates, Classy and Chic stamping plate with coloured stampingB. Loves Plates Geometry Is Perfect plate, holographic stampingB. Loves Plates plate Geometry Is Perfect, holo stampingB. Loves Plates, Flower Power stamping plate, roses on a purple holo
B. Loves Plates Geometry Is Perfect stamping plate (triangles) plus rhinestones
B. Loves Plates Geometry Is Perfect stamping plate, maze pattern
B. Loves Plates Flower Power pattern
B. Loves Plates, Flower Power coloured stamping
B. Loves Plates, Flower Power stamping on a cobalt nail polish
B. Loves Plates Flower Power pattern on a sandy nail polish
BP-X01 stamping plate in two manis
Blueberry stamping plate 01 in a holo manicureBlueberry stamping plate 01 again (a different pattern)
Blueberry 03 stamping plate, sweater pattern
Blueberry 04 stamping plate with one of its patterns
Blueberry 04 stamping again, a different pattern
Blueberry 04 stamping pattern (little roses)
Blueberry 04 stamping plate, a big pattern on a rainbow background
Blueberry 04 stamping on a colourful background
Blueberry 04 stamping with 2 holos

blur effect and fuchsia nail polish
Blur effect with MoYou flowery stamping
blur effect nails with neon toucans
blur effect with a dreamcatcher
Born Pretty dark rainbow rhinestones
Born Pretty stamping plate BP-L003
Born Pretty stamping plate 04: peacocks
Born Pretty Store stamping plate 07
Born Pretty Store stamping plate 10
Born Pretty stamping plate BP-16
Born Pretty Store stamping plate 17
Born Pretty Store stamping plate 19 - leaves
Born Pretty BP-27 stamping plateand here
Born Pretty Store BP-50 stamping plate: doodles
Born Pretty BP-83 stamping platei tu/and herehere with coloured stamping
Born Pretty BP-L003 stamping
Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-L007 (wallpaper design)BPS stamping plate BP-L007, wallpaper pattern 
Born Pretty BP-L008 stamping patterns
Born Pretty BP-L012 stamping plate patterns
Born Pretty BP-L015 double stamping - exotic flowers
Born Pretty stamping plate BPL-016, wallpaper patternBP-L016 againand here
Born Pretty BPL-024 stamping platei tu/and herei jeszcze tu/and also heretu pokolorowany wzorek/a coloured stamping herei tu/and hereBP-L024 pastel paisley manicure
BP-L026 stamping pattern
Born Pretty BP-L029 stamping in black&whiteand here a coloured versionanother BP-L029 patternBP-L029 coloured stamping with tintsand here, coloured with tints
Born Pretty BP-L054 stamping geometric patterns
Born Pretty BP-L 047 pattern, galaxy plants
BPX-L017 stamping plate and flowery dry brush manicure
BP-X08 stamping plate with graffiti nails
Born Pretty QA85 stamping plate manicure, coloured stamping
Born Pretty thin brush

Bundle Monster birds with dry brush methodBundle Monster hummingbirds with blur effect backgroundBundle Monster army nails with a bird of prey

butterfly nails with saran wrap and MoYou Pro stamping platebutterflies in cosmic space

camouflage nailscamouflage nails (freehand)

cats, freehand painted

cat's paws-stamping, neon pink, Moyra stamping plate

chains - stamping with Helen-10 stamping plate

checked stampingchecked stamping in various colours

chevron nailschevron nails with Qgirl-018chevron nails with chevron tape (negative space)chevron nails with golden chevron tapechevron with flowers, MoYou London Tropical 14 stamping plate

'circus' gradient nails with studs

clear gelly stamper

Clouds: Wibo, Art Liner nr 16

Colour Block

coloured cupcakes - with tints

coloured tulips with MoYou Pro XL 12coloured flowers with MoYou The Pro XL 12

coloured stamping done with tints, gradient flowers

coloured flowers with BPL-046 stamping plate

coloured flowers with B. Loves Plates stamping plate

coloured flowers with Qgirl-022 stamping plate

coloured oriental flowers with Y008 stamping plate

coloured poppies with tulips

Cooi 026 stamping plate - lace patternCooi 026 futuristic pattern

Cooi 033 stamping plate, flowery pattern

Dots: Joko and Colour Alikeneon Viperaflowers plus dots (Miss Sporty, Colour Alike, Essence)holo dots made with Colour Alike and Color ClubArt Club and Golden Rose3 rows of dots on Catrice

distressed nailsdistressed nail art with OPI's Sheer Tintsdistressed graffiti nails

doodles in matte (chalkboard nails)

dots (holographic)dots: pastel shadesdots: neon shades

double stamped flowers

drag marble with some tips

dreamcatcher on a blurry background

dry brush technique

eye make up pigments in manicure

fan brushfan brush againfan brush 3

feathers, coloured, B. Loves Plates "Feather Fever" stamping plate

fire mani

flowers painted with acrylics

food foil and Barry M, Colour Alike, OPI

fossils with MoYou Pro stamping plate

freehand: snowy landscapefreehand flowers on a newspaper printfreehand kissescolourful feathers on whitespring crocusesflowers on whiteretro peonies on fuchsiastrawberriesfreehand roses on pastel purple

frost nails (double stamping)

Galaxy nailsgalaxy nails on multichromegalaxy nails on Phobos (Dance Legend)galaxy nails or fabric nails, depends on your imagination ;)galaxy nails with Moyra and Wetnwild

geometric coloured stamping
geometric nail stickers;

geometric stamping with Cooi stamping plate

gradient made with acrylic paints plus feathery stamping

gradient done with acrylic paints plus paisley stamping, BP-X09 stamping plate

Gradient dots

gradient feathers with BP-18 stamping plate

Gradients: autumn gradient with stamping; Essie, Strut Your Stuff & Colour Alike 'Kwiaciarka', 'Na Fiołkowej'gradient made with three Colour Alike nail polishesParis Memories, Orly, Miss Sporty: a canary gradientgradient made with holographic Colour Alike and glittery L'Orealthree colours in one gradient with rhinestoneschecked gradient with OPI, Joko, Colour Alike4 colour gradientsandy gradient with Rimmel and Wibogradient in pink with stamping (Qgirl-24 plate)mossy gradient with leaf stampinggradient with MoYou specklesgradient with stamping: " the secret garden"gradient in a few colours with MoYou butterfly stampinggradient with MoYou stamping, animal printgradient with African landscape BP-16 stamping platetropical leaves with MoYou Tropical 14 stamping platetextured gradient with BP-L008 stampingsandy gradient in red and fuchsiagradient in white and pink with stampingpastel gradient with flowery stampinggradient made with acrylics and stamped in leafy pattern

handwriting and flowers with MoYou Princess Collection 08 stamping platehandwriting with Moyra Vintage 05 stamping plate

Harunouta L-012 coloured stamping, sea motives

hearts with MoYou Princess Collection 08 stamping plate

holographic glitter triangles

houndstooth with MoYou London, The Pro XL 07

hundreds and thousands dots on China Glaze

Ikat nailsIkat nails in red, purple, white and blackIkat nails freehanded plus stamping

jewellery flowers

JQ-64:stemple z płytki/stampingJQ-70 stemple/stamping

keys (encrusted) with Moyra, Vintage stamping plate

lace manicure with Cooi stamping plate

lace manicure with Y001 stamping plate

layering with pink OPI Sheer Tint

leaves with MoYou London Tropical

leopard nailsleopard printleopard print in green, blue and black

Lesly LS-120 stamping plate patternLesly LS-120 stamping pattern: little pinwheels

Liners: waves: Color Club, Art Club NA107, Lilac Hologram

love letter with handwriting and freehanded flowers

manicure of the year 2016 - vote part 1
manicure of the year-vote part 2

m98 stamping plate

mermaid nails with hehe 005 stamping plate
moons with acrylics

Moyra, Dreamology stamping plate, roses on a colourful background

Moyra stamping plate nr 101, galaxy nailsMoyra stamping plate, galaxy nails again

Moyra, elegant stamping pattern

MoYou animal print

MoYou dandelions

MoYou Fashionista nr 07 stamping plate patternand here

MoYou stamping plate Tropical 05again with wing motive

MoYou Pro XL 01 stamping plate: herring bone

MoYou Pro XL 07 - two patterns

MoYou Pro XL 10 ash rosesMoYou Pro XL 10 roses with thornsMoYou The Pro XL 10 holo flowersMoYou Pro XL: flowery pattern on a fan brush background

MoYou Pro XL 12 pattern

MoYou The Pro XL 12 multichrome stamping

MoYou Pro XL 14 stampingand hereand here on a colourful backgroundtulips with MoYou Pro XL 14MoYou Pro XL flowers on a 'plasticine' background

MoYou Tropical 14: stamping motive are leaves with stripes

Moyra, Dreamology stamping plate, doodles on a colourful background

multichrome stamping on fake nails (with Colour Alike)multichrome stamping with B. a Lagoon and JQ-74 stamping plate

negative space manicurelacey negative spacenegative space in black and whitenegative space in black with French tipsnegative space with French tips in pink and whitenegative space in blue and white

negative of an old manuscript with inkspots

negative space manicure in matte

Nicole Diary 105 stamping plate, ombre flowers

Nicole Diary 105 stamping plate, abstract pattern

ombre nails in blueombre nails with flowers, freehand paintingombre nails in pink, with and without stamping

paisley pattern with BP-22 plate


pink quartz with Y024 stamping plate
QA95 stamping: chemistry lesson
Qgirl017 stamping (handwriting)
Qgirl022 stamping (coloured, filled with tints), flowers
retro roses and dots

rhinestonesrhinestones and dots

Sandy tips on matte nail polish

sea treasures mani

Sheer Tints on a silver holographic Flormar

Skipper - the penguin of Madagascar

space nails - a holo with tints and stamping on

spun sugar nails

stained glass manicure - coloured stamping, BPL-003 stamping plate


smoky nails with Essie and Viperasmoky gradient with stampingsmoky nails with stamping

splatter manicure (double stamping)

Aztec pattern, no name plate, Kiko nail polish)
Born Pretty Store BP-24 stamping plate
baroque pattern (Essie and Wibo nail polishes, Promoto-Promoto stamping plate)
birds on a wire with MoYou London and Moyra stamping plates
bubbles (Top Choice/Rendezvous plate, Golden Rose and Colour Alike nail polishes),
butterflies (Color Club, Color Alike holos and Konad plate),
butterfly wings with MoYou Pro XL 04butterfly wings with a holo nail polish
chevrons and flowers from MoYou London, Tropical stamping plate
Chinese symbols (Catrice and Essie nail polishes, Top Choice/Rendezvous plate),
constellations with Cooi stamping plate
cow's skin (Miss Sporty, Essie, Konad's plate m61),
feathers with BP-18 stamping platecoloured feathers with B. Loves Plates, Feather Fever stamping plate
flowers, double stamping with 007 stamping plate
flowers: Vipera and Orly,
dragonflies (Essence and Golden Rose nail polishes, Top Choice/Rendezvous plate),
flowers - acrylic paint
flowers (Konad plate, Color Club, Angel Kiss nail polish),
flowers (B. Loves Plates stamping plate, Essie nail polish)
flowers (B. Loves Plates stamping plate)
flowers (B. Loves Plates stamping plate, Wetnwild nail polish as a base colour
flowers (BP-L026 stamping plate)
flowers (Konad plate, Barry M, Rhossili and Colour Alike nail polishes),
flowers (Konad's plate m21)
flowers (Essence's A Hint of Love, Wibo's Glamour Nails and Konad's plate,
flowers (Golden Rose and Essie nail polishes, Konad's plate m61),
flowers: Konad's plate m60panther (Vipera and Konad nail enamels, Konad's plate m57),
flowers (sandy Vipera nail polish, Konad's plate),
flowers and butterflies (Konad's and Top Choice plates)
flowers and butterflies on nude, no name stamping plate)
gradient stamping, Born Pretty 10 stamping plate
half moons
Hawaiian flowers - B. Loves Plates stamping plate
henna pattern with MoYou London
holographic stamping with hehe06 stamping plate
Japanese letters (Konad stamping plate s3)
leaves with MoYou Tropical 05 stamping plateleaves with BP-L024 stamping platetropical leaves with MoYou Tropical 14 stamping platecoloured leavesmetallic leaves with BP-L047 stamping plate
'love' print and flowers - Y023 stamping plate
leopard print with MoYou Pro XL
lace pattern
leaves - coloured stamping, BP-L026 stamping plate
macaws on the blur effect background with Bundle Monster stamping
owls (Promoto-Promoto XY15 stamping plate, Color Club and Essie nail polishes)owls - Qgirl stamping 
paisley patterns with BP-X09 stamping plate (coloured stamping)
paisley patterns with Harunouta L020 stamping plate
puff balls (Kiko nr 389 and a no name plate m98)puff balls (B. Loves Plates stamping plate)
roses (Essie nail polish, no name plate m30)roses (Flower Power from B. Loves Plates)roses (Flower Power stamping plate from B. Loves Plates on white)roses in pastel shades with MoYou Londonroses in red and pink with Flower Power stamping plateroses on a holo with Cooi stamping plate
sea motives (Born Pretty plate 10)
space flowers with Qgirl-022 stamping plate
stars (Colour Alike 537H and Essie, no name plate)stars: m94 no name plate, Colour Alike Toż to złoto! 
holographic nail polishstarry sky
sweater pattern with Moyra stamping plate
'tattooed' mani with hehe006 stamping plate
waves (Moyra, Angels Will Cry stamping plate)

squares (Promoto-Promoto plate, Lemax and Colour Alike nail polishes),
water marble stamping with BP-L061 stamping plate
waves (Moyra stamping plate, Vintage 05)
zebra (Konad plate m57, Vipera nail polishes)zebra/leaf (no name plate m94, Konad nail polish)
zebra (MoYou Pro XL 04)

stained glass mani

stamping stickers

Stripes: Essence, Joko, Colour Alike

Studs and stamping on Flormar, Mattegolden studs on OPIgreen-golden studs

textured gradient

tie dye

water decals

Y006 stamping plate (manicure)

Y024 stamping plate in double stamping

3-dimensional mani with dots3-dimensional mani (gelly sandwich) with dots and hearts
gradient dots
lacey negative space with half moons
love letter manicure
blur effect with a movie spoken in Polish

water decals: zipperswater decals and rhinestonestropics at night with water decals

water marble stampingwater marble stamping in satin and metallicwater marble stamping with L005 stamping platewater marble - like stamping with Moyra, Dreamology stamping plate

waterfall nailsand here

Water marble with Miss Sporty and Kikowater marble with China Glaze, Golden Rose, Colour Alikewater marble done with Golden Rose, Jokowater marble with China Glaze, Colour Alike, Viperawater marble with Colour Alike, Golden Rosewater marble with Colour Alikeswater marble with Colour Alike, China Glazewater marble with Color Club, Barry M, Golden Rosewater marble with Golden Rose and Viperawater marble with Barry M and Morgan Taylorvertical water marble with Morgan Taylor and Colour Alikewater marble and some dotted flowers on OPIwater marble with OPI, Golden Rose'hairy' and flowery water marblemysterious water marblewater marble with foil finishwhite-yellow water marblewater marble with neonsdotted water marble

water decals combined with a Color Club nail polish
watermelons, freehand painted

vertical gradient with BPL-003 stamping pattern

Vintage mani with dots and MoYou Pro XL 07 stamping