List of My Nail Polish Swatches


a-england, Briar Rose
a-england, Briarwood
a-england, Crown of Thistles
a-england, Rose Bower
a-england, Dragon
AllePaznokcie, brak nazwy
AllePaznokcie, H900
AllePaznokcie, Holographic Nail Polish, nr 05
AllePaznokcie, nr 004
AllePaznokcie, nr 57
AllePaznokcie, nr 998
AllePaznokcie, One! Colour Pro, nr 68
AllePaznokcie, Pro, nr 10
Avon, Gel Finish, Glimmer
Avon, Gel Finish, Parfait Pink
Avon, Magic Effects, Mineral Crush, Ruby


Barry M, Duchess
Barry M, Gelly Hi-Shine, Blue Grape
Barry N, Gelly Hi-Shine, Coconut
Barry M, Gelly Hi-Shine, Damson
Barry M, Gelly Hi-Shine, Guavai tutaj/and here
Barry M, Gelly H-Shine, Huckleberry
Barry M, Gelly Hi-Shine, Kiwi
Barry M, Gelly Hi-Shine, Lychee
Barry M, Gelly Hi-Shine, Mustard
Barry M, Gelly Hi-Shine, Plum
Barry M, Gelly Hi-Shine, Watermelon
Barry M, Matte Nail Paint, Rhossilii tu/and here
Barry M, Nail Paint, Black Multi GlitterBlack Multi Glitter + Big Boy holo top coat
Barry M, Nail Paint, Copperi tutaj/and here
Barry M, Nail Paint, Fashion Icon
Barry M, Nail Paint, Fuchsia
Barry M, Nail Paint, Indigoi tu/and here:
Barry M, Nail Paint, Majesty
Barry M, Nail Paint, Mint Green
Barry M, Nail Paint, Nude
Barry M, Nail Paint, Raspberry
Barry M, Nail Paint, Spring Greeni tu/and here:
Barry M, Nail Paint, Teal
Barry M, Princess
Beauty UK, Grit FX, Posh Polish, nr 23, Printworks
Bell, Air Flow, nr 54
Bell, Moroccan Dream, 01
Biocura, lakier, 05 Kasztan
Biocura, lakier nr 09, Róż
Biocura, lakier nr 20
Born Pretty Store, clear stamper plus scraper
Born Pretty Store, Holo Nail Polish H003 Temptation Wait
Born Pretty Store, Holo Nail Polish #3
Born Pretty Store, Holo Nail Polish #7
Born Pretty Store, Holo Nail Polish #8
Born Pretty Store, Holo Nail Polish, #10.
Born Pretty Store, Holo Nail Polish #12
Born Pretty Store, Holo Polish H007 Ocean Kingdom
Born Pretty Store, Chameleon Nail Polish #215
Born Pretty Store, Chameleon Nail Polish #217
Born Pretty Store, Peel Off Nail Polish Sweet Pink #3
Born Pretty Store, Peel Off Nail Polish Sweet Pink #6.
Born Pretty Store, Stamping plates 6x6 cm organizer/case
Born Pretty Store, Starry Sky peel off nail polish #3
Born Pretty Store, Thermal Nail Polish, Sweet Color
Born Pretty Store, Thermal Nail Polish #101
Born Pretty Store, Thermal Nail Polish #104
Bourjois, 10 Days Anti-Choc, nr 19
Bourjois, So Laque!, 62 Rose Imaginaire


Catrice, Crushed Crystals, Call Me Princess
Catrice, Crushed Crystals, PLUMdog Millionaire
Catrice, Crushed Crystals, Royal REDding
Catrice, Crushed Crystals, Shooting Stari tu/and here
Catrice, Kitch Me If You CanKitch Me If You Can
Catrice, Luxury Lacquers, Million Brilliance, 02 blue skyfall
Catrice, Luxury Lacquers, Million Brilliance, 05 Plum Fiction
Catrice, Purple Reign
Catrice, Sand'Sation, Sandhopper
Catrice, Two Million Dollar Baby
Catrice, Ultimate Nail Lacquer, nr 150, Big Spender Wanted!
Catrice, Ultimate Nail Lacquer, 94 It's a Very Berry Bash!
Catrice, Ultimate Nail Lacquer, Yellow Sub-Mandarin
Catrice, Ultimate Nail Lacquer, Raspberryfields Forever
Catrice, Walk the Lime (12)
China Glaze, Bottoms Up!
China Glaze, Float On
China Glaze, Frostbite
China Glaze, In the Lime Light
China Glaze, I Sea the Point
China Glaze, Liquid Crystal
China Glaze, Liquid Leather
China Glaze, Metro Pollen-Tin
China Glaze, Optical Illusion
China Glaze, Rated Holographic
China Glaze, Sand Dolla Make You Holla
China Glaze, Seas the Day
China Glaze, Shore Enuff
China Glaze, White On White
China Glaze, Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
Cien, Into the Jungle, Neon Nail Polish, nr 2
Cien, Nude Perfection nr 3
Cien, Nude Perfection Nail Polish nr 7
Colors by Llarowe, Turq'd
Colour Alike, A Kind of Black
Colour Alike, B. a Blue Ocean
Colour Alike, B. a Fairy Forest
Colour Alike, B. a Fresh Mojito
Colour Alike + B. Loves Plates, B. a Berry Smoothie
Colour Alike + B. Loves Plates, B. a Fuchsia Flash
Colour Alike, B. a Juicy Tangerine
Colour Alike + B. Loves Plates, BLP33 B. a Lagooni tu/and here
Colour Alike, B. a Lemonadei tu/and here
Colour Alike + B. Loves Plates, B. a Sunset
Colour Alike + B. Loves Plates, B. a Yellow Glow
Colour Alike, B. a Sweetheart
Colour Alike, B. an Aurorai tu/and here
Colour Alike + B. Loves Plates, 39 B. a Fuchsia Flash
Colour Alike + B. Loves Plates, B. a Princei tu/and here
Colour Alike + B. Loves Plates, B. an Ice Coffeei tu/and here:
Colour Alike + B. Loves Plates, BLP32 B. an Orion
Colour Alike + B. Loves Plates, BLP33 B. a Lagoon
Colour Alike + B. Loves Plates, BLP48 B. a Blueberry Muffin
Colour Alike, B. a Raindrop
Colour Alike, B. a Red Winei tu/and here:
Colour Alike, B. a Silver King
Colour Alike + B. Loves Plates, B. a Snow White
Colour Alike, B. a Sunshine
Colour Alike + B. Loves Plates, B. a Yellow Glow
Colour Alike, Black Saintjako lakier do stempli/as a stamping nail polish
Colour Alike, Holo żelki nr 530, 531, 533/holo gellies nr 530, 531, 533
Colour Alike, Holo Top Coat, B. A Star
Colour Alike, Holo Top Coat, Big Boyi tu/and here
Colour Alike/B. Loves Plates, Holo Top Coat 2.0
Colour Alike, Kind of Blackna białym tle/on a white background
Colour Alike, Matte Ruby 02
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 108, Światło proszę!
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 118, Diskorelaks
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 165, Żar tropików
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 208, Fifa rafa
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 209, Densfiołek
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 210, Gwiazdor
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 452, Szara Migotka
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 465, Miasto grzechu
Colour Alike, Nail Colour nr 475, Szarość dnia
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 480, Gdański blues
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 481, Warte zachodu
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 483 Neptun
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 487, Daleko do Sopotu?
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 495, Maltanka
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 496, Bamberka
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 497, Jeżyce
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 498, Pyrka
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 500, Ja pierniczę!
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 501, Do jasnej choinki!
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 502, Figa z makiem
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 504, Los diamentos
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 503, O w bombkę!
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 505, Oto el złoto
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 510, Wata cukrowa
Colour Alike, Nail Colour nr 512, Niebieskie migdały
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 513, To był maj
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 515
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 516
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 517
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 518
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 519
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 520, Cumel
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 521, Maniurkai tu/and here+ tu/here
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 522, Kwiaciarka
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 523, Kładka Bernatka
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 525, Hey now!
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 526, Lajkonik; i tu/and here
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 527, Na Fiołkowej
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 528, Modraszek
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 529, Na polu
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 531
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 535
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 535H
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 537Hi tu/and here
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 544
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 545
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 546
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 547
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 548
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 550
Colour Alike, Nail Colour, nr 551
Colour Alike, Nail Colour nr 552
Colour Alike, Nail Colour nr 561
Colour Alike, Nail Colour nr 565, PKiN
Colour Alike, Blue Bossa 601
Colour Alike, Footprints 602
Colour Alike, 607 Orange Fizz
Colour Alike, Sinner Lady
Colour Alike, So RedSo Red
Colour Alike, Tatarak
Colour Alike, 615 Think Pinki tu/and here
Colour Alike, 616 Go With the Glowi tu/and herei tu też :)/and here too :)
Colour Alike, 621 Snake Prince
Colour Alike, 622 Thousand And One Night
Colour Alike, 626 All of Me
Colour Alike, Typografia, G
Colour Alike, Typografia J
Colour Alike, Village V.Village V againi tu/and here
Color Club, Art Club, NA107 Lilac Hologram
Color Club, Bell Bottom Babe
Color Club, Berry And Bright
Color Club, Daisy Does It
Color Club, Fashion AddictFashion Addict w słońcu/Fashion Addict in the sun
Color Club, Gift of Sparkle
Color Club, Halo Hues, Angel Kiss
Color Club, Halo Hues, Eternal Beauty
Color Club, Halo Hues, Halo-graphic
Color Club, Halo Hues, Kismet
Color Club, Holy Chic
Color Club, Hot-Hot-Hot Pantsi tu/and here
Color Club, Paris in Love, Je T'aime
Color Club, Paris in Love, La Petite Mint-sieur
Color Club, Paris in Love, Macaroon Swoon
Color Club, Limelight
Color Club, nr 843, Magic Attraction
Color Club, Not-so-mellow Yellow
Color Club, Otherwordly
Color Club, Over the Moon
Color Club, Peace, Love & Polish
Color Club, Red Velvet
Color Club, Right OnRight On
Color Club, Soft As Cashmere
Color Club, Take Me To Your Chateau
Color Club, Twiggie
Color Club, Ultra-Astral
Color Club, Yum Gum
Color Club, Wild At Heart
Color Club, Wink, Wink, Twinkle
Color Club, Wish Upon a Rock Star
Color Club, nr 850, Worth the Risque
Comparison: AllePaznokcie, H900 & Colour Alike, Nail Colour nr 519
Comparison: Barry M, Duchess & OPI, Silent Stars Go By
Comparison: Color Club, Worth the Risque & Colour Alike, Sinner Lady
Comparison: Colour Alike, Kładka Bernatka & Daleko do Sopotu?
Comparison: Golden Rose, Holiday nr 59 + P2, Sand Style, nr 020 Lovesome
Comparison: OPI, Alcatraz... Rocks! & Barry M, Countess
Comparison: OPI, Magazine Cover Mouse & Golden Rose, Holiday nr 56 & Wibo, Lovely, Baltic Sand nr 5 & Zoya, Chyna
Comparison: P2, Sand Style, 020 Lovesome & Golden Rose, Holiday nr 59
Comparison: Sally Hansen, Lava & AllePaznokcie
Comparison: Wibo, Lovely, Baltic Sand nr 1 & OPI, Jinx
Comparison: Zoya, Pixie Dust, Arabella vs Golden Rose, Holiday nr 57
Comparison: Zoya, Pixie Dust, Sunshine & Delia, Efekt Piasku nr 07


Dance Legend, Phobos
Delia, Coral Holographic, H01
Delia, Coral Holographic, H02
Delia, Coral Holographic, H03
Delia, Coral Holographic, H06
Delia, Coral Holographic, H07
Delia, Coral Prosilk, Efekt Piasku, nr 06
Delia, Coral Prosilk, Efekt Piasku, nr 07
Delia, Coral Prosilk, Efekt Piasku, nr 08
Delia, Coral Prosilk, nr 131
Delia, Coral, Satin Candy, C01
Delia, Coral, Satin Candy, C06
Delia, Coral, Satin Candy, C07
Depend, nr 041
Dewi, Nail Polish, L017
Dewi, Nail Polish, L020
Dewi, Nail Polish, L027
Dewi, Nail Polish, L031


El Corazon, Active Bio-Gel, Gemstones, Amethyst
El Corazon, Kaleidoscope, I Am Bright, I-04 Behind the Wheel
El Corazon, Kaleidoscope, I Am Bright, I-05 At a Fitness Club
El Corazon, Kaleidoscope, I Am Bright, I-11 In a Club
El Corazon, Kaleidoscope, I Am Bright, I-12 At a Premiere
El Corazon, Kaleidoscope, Night Dreams, 05 Leoi tu/and here
El Corazon, Kaleidoscope, Sophisticated Polishmaniac, IL-115
El Corazon, Kaleidoscope, st-06 Mint (lakier do stempli/stamping nail polish)i tu/and here
El Corazon, Kaleidoscope, stm-10 Peach (lakier do stempli/stamping nail polish)
El Corazon, Matte Effect nr 160i tu/and herei tu też/and here too :)
El Corazon, Matte Effect nr 165i tu/and here
Essence, Aquatix, nr 01 Mermaid's Secret
Essence, Colour&Go, Gold FeverGold Fever
Essence, Colour&Go, Party Princess
Essence, Colour&Go, 28 Plum Perfect
Essence, Colour&Go, nr 128, Let's Get Lost
Essence, Colour&Go, 167 Candy Love
Essence, Colour&Go, nr 169, A Hint of Love
Essence, Colour&Go, nr 170, Beijos De Brazil
Essence, Colour&Go, nr 173, Over the Rainbow
Essence, Colour&Go, nr 175, Be Berry Now!
Essence, Colour&Go, nr 177, Happy End
Essence, Colour&Go, nr 188, It's Raining Men!
Essence, Colour&Go, nr 191, love is in the air
Essence, Effect Nail Polish, nr 1, Pixie Dust
Essence, Effect Nail Polish, nr 03 Glitz&Glam
Essence, Effect Nail Polish, 04 Skyfall
Essence, Effect Nail Polish, nr 08, Heart Explosion
Essence, Effect Nail Polish, Sparkling Sugar, nr 09, Hey Mister Sandman
Essence, Effect Nail Polish, nr 11 Party Crasher
Essence, I Love Berlin, 02 I'm a Berliner
Essence, I Love Trends, The Metals, 35 Rock My Soul
Essence, Me & My Lover
Essence, Special Effect Nail Art Topper, Circus Confetti
Essence, Special Effect Nail Art Topper, Glorious Aquarius
Essence, Special Effect Nail Art Topper, Only Purple Matters
Essence, The Gel, 05 Sweet As Candy
Essence, The Gel, 09 lucky
Essence, The Gel, 11 4 ever young
Essence, The Gel, 24 indian summer
Essence, The Gel, 26 brazil jungle
Essence, The Gel, 27 don't be shy!
Essence, The Gel, 33 wild white ways
Essence, The Gel, 38 love is in the air
Essence, The Gel, 40 play with my mint
Essence, The Gel, 46 black is back
Essence, The Gel, 54 dream on
Essence, The Gel, 55 be awesome tonight
Essence, The Gel, 78 royal blue
Essence, Out of Space Stories, 03 space glam
Essence, The Pastels, I Love Trends, 02 sun is smiling
Essie, Avenue Maintain
Essie, Blue Rhapsody
Essie, Geranium
Essie, Haute In the Heat
Essie, Head Mistress
Essie, Jamaica Me Crazy
Essie, Leading Lady
Essie, Lots of Lux
Essie, Madison Ave-hue
Essie, Meet Me At Sunset
Essie, Naughty Nautical
Essie, No Place Like Chrome
Essie, Penny Talk
Essie, Power Clutch
Essie, Smooth Sailing
Essie, Sparkle on Top
Essie, Stroke of Brilliance
Essie, Strut Your Stuff
Essie, Stylenomics
Essie, Super Bossa Nova
Essie, Sure Shothere again
Essie, Toggle to the Top
Estee Lauder, Pure Color, Viper


Ferity, Miss Match, Lollipop
Ferity, Style Pen, nr 129, Mighty Ruby
Flormar, Duo Chrome, nr DC 06
Flormar, Nail Art, NA 9
Flormar, Nail Enamel, nr 392
Flormar, Nail Enamel, Spring & Summer 2012, nr 438
Flormar, Matte, M05
Flormar, Matte, M07
Flormar, Matte, M09, Bright Pinki tu/and here
Flormar, Neon, N006
Flormar, Passionate Dots, PD 01
Flormar, Passionate Dots, PD 02
Flormar, Passionate Dots, PD 04
Flormar, Passionate Dots, PD 05
Flormar, Pretty, P26
Flormar, Quick Dry, QD10 Black Minimalism
Flormar, Satin Matte, nr GS 01, Whitewash
Flormar, Satin Matte, nr GS 04, Indigo
Flormar, Satin Matte, nr GS 05, Chili
Flormar, Satin Matte, nr GS 07, Grapefruit
Flomar, Satin Matte, nr GS 08, Sky Blue
Flormar, Satin Matte, nr GS 15, Cobalt


Golden Rose, Care+Strong, nr 162
Golden Rose, Carnival, nr 03
Golden Rose, Color Expert, nr 02
Golden Rose, Color Expert, nr 14
Golden Rose, Color Expert, nr 19
Golden Rose, Color Expert, nr 27
Golden Rose, Color Expert, nr 30
Golden Rose, Color Expert, nr 37
Golden Rose, Color Expert, nr 39
Golden Rose, Color Expert, nr 44
Golden Rose, Color Expert, nr 51
Golden Rose, Color Expert, nr 64
Golden Rose, Color Expert, nr 67
Golden Rose, Color Expert, nr 68 - w macie/in matte
Golden Rose, Color Expert, nr 89
Golden Rose, Express Dry, nr 09
Golden Rose, Express Dry, nr 13and here
Golden Rose, Express Dry, nr 15and here
Golden Rose, Express Dry, nr 64
Golden Rose, Express Dry, nr 65i tu/and here
Golden Rose, Express Dry, nr 69
Golden Rose, Galaxy, nr 11
Golden Rose, Galaxy, nr 12
Golden Rose, Galaxy, nr 13
Golden Rose, Galaxy, nr 14
Golden Rose, Galaxy, nr 17
Golden Rose, Holiday, nr 51
Golden Rose, Holiday, nr 52
Golden Rose, Holiday, nr 56
Golden Rose, Holiday, nr 57
Golden Rose, Holiday, nr 61
Golden Rose, Holiday, nr 62
Golden Rose, Holiday, nr 68
Golden Rose, Holiday, nr 70
Golden Rose, Holiday, nr 71
Golden Rose, Holiday, nr 74
Golden Rose, Holiday, nr 80
Golden Rose, Holographic, nr 04
Golden Rose, Ice Chic, nr 04
Golden Rose, Ice Chic, nr 27
Golden Rose, Ice Chic, nr 54
Golden Rose, Ice Chic, nr 73
Golden Rose, Ice Chic, nr 104
Golden Rose, Ice Color, nr 152
Golden Rose, Jolly Jewels, nr 114
Golden Rose, Jolly Jewels, nr 119
Golden Rose, Jolly Jewels, nr 120
Golden Rose, Matte, nr 04
Golden Rose, Matte, nr 21
Golden Rose, Matte,  nr 23
Golden Rose, Matte, nr 26
Golden Rose, Matte Satin, Nude 05
Golden Rose, Matte Satin, nr 201
Golden Rose, Matte Satin, nr 202nr 202 znów/again
Golden Rose, Matte Satin, nr 205
Golden Rose, Matte Satin, nr 207
Golden Rose, Matte Top Coat
Golden Rose, Metallic, nr 03
Golden Rose, Metallic, nr 04
Golden Rose, Metallic, nr 09
Golden Rose, Metallic, nr 15
Golden Rose, Miss Selene, nr 175
Golden Rose, Nail Art nr 101
Golden Rose, Nail Art nr 120
Golden Rose, Nail Art, nr 143
Golden Rose, Nail Lacquer, z proteinami, nr 318
Golden Rose, Paris Magic, nr 343
Golden Rose, Prodigy Gel Duo: nr 08+ Gel top coat
Golden Rose, Prodigy Gel Duo: nr 08 + Gel Top Coat
Golden Rose, Prodigy Gel nr 13
Golden Rose, Prodigy Gel nr 20
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 08
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 11and herejako lakier do stempli/ as a stamping nail polish
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 13
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 14
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 16
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 18
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 19
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 20
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 32
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 35
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 36
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 40
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 41
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 44
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 46
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 55
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 61
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 62
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 68
Golden Rose, Rich Color,  nr 72
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 74
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 76
Golden Rose, Rich Color, nr 149
Golden Rose, Selective, nr 43 Birds of Paradise
Golden Rose, Wow!, nr 04
Golden Rose, Wow!, nr 13
Golden Rose, Wow! nr 40
Golden Rose, Wow!, nr 55
Golden Rose, Wow! nr 59
Golden Rose, Wow!, nr 62
Golden Rose, Wow!, nr 81i tu/and here
Golden Rose, Wow!, nr 82
Golden Rose, Wow! nr 92
Golden Rose, Wow!, nr 203
Golden Rose, Wow!, nr 204
Gosh, 060 Lambada


Hean, I Love Nail Enamel, nr 831
HEMA, Special Effect Holographic, nr 55


Ingrid, Love Story, nr 456


Joko, Find Your Color, J101, Magenta
Joko, Find Your Color, J115, Fresh Grape
Joko, Find Your Color, J118, Bubblegum
Joko, Find Your Color, J119, Vibrant Fuchsiai tu/and here
Joko, Find Your Color, J126, Blueberry Chic
Joko, Find Your Color, 126, Wherever You Are
Joko, Find Your Color, J133, Fruit Desert
Joko, Find Your Color, J136, Berbers Blue
Joko, Find Your Color, J140, Arabian Princess
Joko, Find Your Color, J142, Coriander Green
Joko, Find Your Color, J143, Spicy Orange
Joko, Find Your Color, J145, Indigo
Joko, Orient Express, Byzantine Rose
Joko, Orient Express, J172, Whirling Dervish
Joko, Orient Express, J175, Sultan's Green
Joko, Orient Express, J176, Vienna Imperial
Joko, Vinylmania, Street Fashion, nr 08 White
Joko, Vinylmania, Street Fashion, nr 108, Paso Doble


Kiko, Nail Lacquer, nr 255 Violet Microglitter
Kiko, Nail Lacquer, nr 389, Mint Milki tu/and here
Kiko, Nail Lacquer, nr 488, Pearly Golden Camellia
Kiko, Nail Lacquer, nr 521, Pearly Ocean
Kiko, Quick Dry Nail Lacquer, nr 812, Mogano
Kiko, Sugar Mat, nr 643 Spring Green
Kiko, Sugar Mat, nr 644
Konad, lakier do stempli: fuksja; fuchsia stamping nail polish
Konad, lakier do stempli, granatowy shimmer/navy-blue shimmery stamping nail polish
KOST, nr 68


Lady Venezia, Travel Set 24i tu/and here
Lady Venezia, Smalto Travel 24 h
Lemax, Hot Mini
Lemax, Kwadrat
Lemax, Kwadrat
Lemax, Kwadrat (różowy marmurek)
Lemax, Kwadrat (zielony marmurek, neon)
Lemax, Kwadrat niebieski/ Kwadrat Blue
Lemax, czarny liner/black liner
Lilypad, Ruby Slippers
L'Oreal, Color Riche, nr 842, Sequin Explosion


Manhattan, Lotus Effect, 67 n
Manhattan, Sugar Effect, 1 Glitter For Life!
Manhattan, Super Nails, 05 Glow It Up!
Margaret Astor, Nail Artist, Play the Graffiti
Margaret Astor, Perfect Stay, Smooth Velvet Effect, 612 Devil In Me
Mariza, Brilliant, 7689
Mariza, Brilliant, 7719
Maybelline, Colorama, Plum Sparkle
Maybelline, Colorama, Twinkling Toffeelayered over Essie, Penny Talk
Maybelline, Colorama, Ruby Rays
Maybelline, Express Finish, Flash Cosmic
Max Factor, Max Effect Mini Nail Polish, Cactus Green
Miss Sporty, 1 Minute Quick Dry nail polish (mint)
Miss Sporty, Clubbing Colours, nr 320
Miss Sporty, Clubbing Colours, nr 453
Miss Sporty, Clubbing Colours, nr 600 Berry Berry
Miss Sporty, Oh My Gem!, nr 002
Miss Sporty, Oh My Gem!, nr 004
Miss Sporty, Wonder Metal
Models Own, Bikini
Models Own, Chrome Cerise
Models Own, Chrome Rose w stemplach/stampingi tu/and here
Models Own, Diamond Luxe, Asscher Blue
Models Own, Diamond Luxe, Radiant Pink
Models Own, Hot Stuff
Models Own, Ibiza Mix
Models Own, Indian Ocean
Models Own, Microdots
Models Own, Toxic Apple
Morgan Taylor, J'adore My Mani
Morgan Taylor, Shock Therapy
Moyra, Stamping Polish, 19 Light Pink
MUA, Cherry Blossom
My Secret, Hot Colors, Red Ice
My Secret, Sandy, Sea Green


Neonail, 3881
Nicole by OPI, Confetti Fun
Nicole by OPI, Lips Are Dripping Honey
Nicole by OPI, She's Lily Something
Nicole by OPI, Still Into Pink
NYX Girls, Enchanted Forest


OPI, Alcatraz... Rocks
OPI, Alpine Snow
OPI, Baby Please Come Home
OPI, Be a Dahlia Won't You
OPI, Black Shatter
OPI, Brazil, AmazON... AmazOFF
OPI, Brazil, Copacababies
OPI, Brazil, I Just Can't Cope-acabana
OPI, Brazil, I'm Brazil Nuts Over You
OPI, Brazil, You're So Flippy Floppy
OPI, Brazil, Kiss Me I'm Brazilian
OPI, Brazil, Next Stop... The Bikini Zone
OPI, Brazil, Samba-dy Loves Purple
OPI, Brazil, What's a Little Rain Forest?
OPI, Brazil, Where Did Suzi's Man-go?
OPI, Can't Find My Czechbook
OPI, Did It On 'Em
OPI, Dutch 'Ya Just Love OPI?
OPI, German-icure
OPI, Green On the Runway
OPI, Hotter Than You Pink
OPI, I'm Not Really a Waitress
OPI, I Snow You Love Me
OPI, Kiss Me At Midnight
OPI, Last Friday Night
OPI, Magazine Cover Mouse
OPI, Make Him Mine
OPI, My Current Crush
OPI, Save Me
OPI, Sheer Tints, Be Magentale With Me
OPI, Silent Stars Go By
OPI, The Bond Girls, Jinx
OPI, The Bond Girls, Pussy Galore
OPI, The Bond Girls, Solitaire
OPI, The Bond Girls, Tiffany Case
OPI, The Bond Girls, Vesper
OPI, The Spy Who Loved Me
OPI, Snowflakes In the Air
OPI, Unfor-Greta-bly Blue
Orly, Galaxy FX, Intergalactic Space
Orly, Lacquer, Ablaze
Orly, Lacquer, Hot Tropics
Orly, Lacquer, Key Lime Twist
Orly, Lacquer, Saturated
Orly, Lacquer, Tropical Pop
Orly, Mirrorball
Orly, Nail Lacquer, It's a Meteor
Orly, Nail Lacquer, Miss Conduct
Orly, Nail Lacquer, Rock-it
Orly, Nail Lacquer, Rockets Red Glare
Orly, Nail Lacquer, Sparkling Garbage
Orly, Nail Lacquer, Sunglasses At Night
Orly, Nail Lacquer, Too Fab


Paris Memories
P2. Color Victim, 623 rock it
P2, Lost in Glitter, nr 080 Go Dangerous!
P2, Sand Style, nr 010, Adorable
P2, Sand Style, nr 020, Lovesome
P2, Sand Style, nr 080 Lovelyand here
P2, Summer Attack, Hot Berry
P2, Summer Attack, Tangerine Twist
P2, Techno Chrome, 080 enchanted forest
Pierre Rene, MIYO Mini Drops, 121 Glitzy Pink
Pierre Rene, Top Flex, 232 Lazoor
Pierre Rene, Top Flex Sand Effect nr 09
Primark, set of nail polishes Loveable Luxuries: blackpink toppergoldenred
Pupa, Holographic, nr 032, Emerald
Pupa, Holographic, nr 038 Strawberry (ze składnikami/+ingredients)nr 038 Strawberry



Revlon, Chroma Chameleon, Amethyst
Revlon, Chroma Chameleon, Topaz
Revlon, Scented, Mint Fizz
Revlon, Scented Perfume, nr 320, Ocean Breeze
Rimmel, I Love Lasting Finish, nr 045, Misty Jade
Rimmel, Rita Ora, 60 Seconds, 203 Lose Your Lingerie
Rimmel, Rita Ora, 60 Seconds, 873 Breakfast in Bed
Rimmel, Sweetie Crush, Blueberry Whizzi tu/and here
Rimmel, Sweetie Crush, Sherbet Sweetheart


Sally Hansen, Color Frenzy, Red, White & Hue
Sally Hansen, Complete Salon Manicure, Back to the Fuchsia
Sally Hansen, Complete Salon Manicure, Buttercup
Sally Hansen, Complete Salon Manicure, nr 100, Copper Pennyi tutaj/and here
Sally Hansen, Complete Salon Manicure, nr 140, Snow Globe
Sally Hansen, Complete Salon Manicure, So-nata Problem
Sally Hansen, Complete Salon Manicure, nr 640, Open Mica Night
Sally Hansen, Fuzzy Coat, 700 Wool Knot
Sally Hansen, Gem Crush, Bling-Tastic!
Sally Hansen, Gem Crush, Cha-Ching!
Sally Hansen, Gem Crush, Glitz Gal
Sally Hansen, HD Nail Color nr 11, Wavelength
Sally Hansen, HD Nail Color nr 13, Resolution
Sally Hansen, HD Nail Color nr 14, Spectrum
Sally Hansen, HD Nail Color nr 16, Laser
Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri, Butter-fly Stroke
Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri, 335 Fuchsia Flare
Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri, Jade Jump
Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri, Pink Fast
Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri, Revobluetion
Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri, nr 370, Uptempo Plum
Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri, nr 425 Blue Away
Sally Hansen, Lustre'n'shine, Lava
Sally Hansen, Sugar Coat, Cotton Candies
Sally Hansen, Sugar Coat, Pink Sprinkle
Sally Hansen, Sugar Coat, Sugar Fix
Sally Hansen, Sugar Coat, Treat Heart
Sally Hansen, Xtreme Wear, Glam Fest
Sally Hansen, Xtreme Wear, Pixel Perfect
Sally Hansen, Xtreme Wear, Rockstar Pink
Sally Hansen, Xtreme Wear, White On
Savina, Orchid
Savina, Nail Color, Sapphire
Shaka, Chamelon Indigo.
Shaka, Hologram Violet 03
Shaka, Hologram Silver 06
Shaka, Hologram Sky
Sky Kisses, Holosky, 01 Ocean
Sky Kisses, Holosky, 10 Constelation
Sinful Colors, Boom Boom
Sinful Colors, 948 Last Chance
Sinful Colors, 989 Ciao Bella!
Sinful Colors, 1128, Mesmerize
Sonda dwustronna/Dotting Tool
Sophin, GelLac Nail Polish nr 647
Sophin, Nail Polish, nr 68
Sophin, Nail Polish, nr 204
Sophin, Nail Polish, nr 206
Sophin, Nail Polish, nr 207
Sophin, Nail Polish, nr 231
Sophin, Sand Effect, 266
Sophin, Sand
Sophin, Vinyl Nail Polish nr 179
Stamping for the first time/Moje pierwsze stemplowanie
Suncoat, Polish&Peel, Lovely Lapisi tu/and here


Tematycznie: przykładowi lakierowi ulubieńcy NotCopyACat, lato 2014/examples of favourite nail polishes, summer 2014
Temix, Starry Sky water based, peel off nail polish by Born Pretty, nr 1
Temix, water based, clear peel off nail polish
Trend It Up, Nail Polish nr 112


Vipera, FLOE 401
Vipera, FLOE 408
Vipera, FLOE 409
Vipera, JEST 510
Vipera, JEST 515
Vipera, JEST 516
Vipera, JEST 517
Vipera, JEST 525
Vipera, JEST 526
Vipera, JEST 533
Vipera, JEST 534
Vipera, JEST 538


Wetnwild, Wild Shine, Grasping at Strawberries
Wetnwild, Wild Shine, c406b, Wild Orchid
Wetnwild, Wild Shine, e455B Tickled Pink
Wetnwild, Wild Shine, e471b, Kaleidoscope
Wetnwild, Wild Shine, E480C Sparked
Wibo, Art Liner, nr 16
Wibo, Candy Shop, nr 4
Wibol Celebrity Nails, nr 2, My Charming
Wibo, Celebrity Nails, nr 4, Pinky Day
Wibo, Celebrity Nails, nr 5, So Classy
Wibo, Celebrity Nails, nr 6, Fresh Grass
Wibo, Celebrity Nails, nr 8, Mint Project
Wibo, Celebrity Nails, nr 9, Deep Ocean
Wibo, Celebrity Nails, nr 10, Holiday
Wibo, Extreme Nails, nr 533
Wibo, Glamour Nails, nr 7
Wibo, Leather Nail Polish, nr 2
Wibo, Lovely, Baltic Sand, nr 1
Wibo, Lovely, Baltic Sand, nr 2
Wibo, Lovely, Baltic Sand, nr 5
Wibo, Lovely, Baltic Sand, nr 6
Wibo, Lovely, Baltic Sand, nr 4
Wibo, Lovely, Baltic Sand, nr 7
Wibo, Lovely, Baltic Sand, nr 8
Wibo, Lovely, Baltic Sand, nr 9
Wibo, Lovely, Ibiza
Wibo, Lovely, Rio, nr 1
Wibo, Lovely, Rio, nr 2
Wibo, Lovely, Rio, nr 3
Wibo, 1 Coat Manicure, nr 10
Wibo, Seasonal Hits, nr 2
Wibo, Wow Glamour Satin, nr 3
Wibo, Wow! Sand, nr 2



Yves Rocher, Speaking Colors, nr 51 Citron


Zoya, Aurorai tu/and here
Zoya, Blazei tutaj/and herei jeszcze tu; and here too
Zoya, Dreami tu/ and herejeszcze tu/plus here:
Zoya, Faye
Zoya, Monet
Zoya, Storm
Zoya, Pixie Dust, Arabella
Zoya, Pixie Dust, Carter
Zoya, Pixie Dust, Chyna
Zoya, Pixie Dust, Solangei tu/ and here
Zoya, Pixie Dust, Sunshine
Zoya, Pixie Dust, Vega


Self-made nail polishes:
Blue linear holo/niebieskie linearne holo
self made tints/tinty domowej robotyi tu/and herei jeszcze tu/and here again
red with shimmer
purple with shredded glitter and shimmer
Mermaid Tail's Tale
Reformulated sandy nail polishes
Holo nail polish - reformulated, creamy-gelly changed into a light holo
Reformulated Essence nail polish (blended with Joko and Vipera)
textured purple nail polish